Clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in (clip-on) hair extensions

Clip-in extensions are hair extensions with clips sewn into its wefts. This type of hair extension is used as a temporary solution, as they can be fitted on in the morning, and then removed in the evening. For those who do not want to wear hair extensions daily, this method can be handy for them. On the downside, it may not look nice on everyone, because one will require sufficient knowledge on the right color and texture to purchase, as well as know how to match the extensions with one's existing hair cut.

Why are clip-in extensions the most popular choice of hair extensions in America?

There are a number of reasons why people prefer clip-in extensions. With the variety of colors and length, clip-in extensions are easy and safe to add length, volume, or color onto your hair without causing hair breakage. Furthermore, because it is not worn all the time, it is easier to maintain it, unlike permanent extensions. One can also independently wear it on their own easily in a matter of minutes, not to mention that there are many types of clip-in extension systems one can choose depending on a person's preference, like the one-piece or multi-piece systems, and they usually come in an affordable price. They are also offered in 100% virgin human hair, all salon-look ready yet versatile. Hair professionals recommends that people experiment with clip-in extensions before choosing a permanent extension like bonding, weaving, protein tips, or mini locks.

Is it possible to fit the clip-in extension on my own?

Yes. In fact, it is very easy to do so. Check out this video link to learn how to set the clip-in extensions yourself:

Can I straighten my clip-in extensions?

You definitely can, as clip-in hair extensions are made out of human hair. Treat it like your actual hair, minimizing exposure to heat by using heat protection products before heat application.

How do clip-in extensions work?

The hair extensions used are made out of real human hair, with each strip made at a specific size. Micro-clips that are pressure sensitive are attached to each strip, which is then clipped onto a client's real hair in between sections, so that the clips remain hidden, secure, and appear natural.

What about the after-care?

After each use, spritz some maintenance spray at the tips of the extensions.

Are clip-in extensions obvious when worn?

The beauty of clip-in extensions is that it creates a natural appearance, blending in with your own hair when properly fitted.


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