Hot Curling & Perm Questions

Can I do hot curling or flat ironing on the wavy or curly hairs?

No. For wavy or curly hairs, these lace wigs have been already processed by a perm for wave or curl. So, it is not recommended to hot curl or flat iron the lace wigs again to avoid any over processing. For straight, Yaki perm straight and light Yak hair, you can use hot curling or flat ironing, because these hairs are naturally curly or wavy.

Why do straightening wavy/curly hair cause damage to your wig produced by human hair?

You may use the perm to straightening your wavy or curly hair for long-lasting, however, heating on perm might cause damage to your hair.

Can I perm the wig?

Our lace wig is made by 100% human hair and available for any styling like your own hair. You can choose to perm the wig as you wish. However, we cannot give any suggestions how you can perm the wig. You shall choose the procedure you learned to style the hair.

Can I use blow dryer to dry my hair after washing?

No, we do recommend you to let your hair dry naturally, since blow dryer may cause damage to your hair.


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