Weave hair extensions

Weft (weave) hair extensions

Weft hair extensions are hair extensions which are made out of long strips of hair that are sewn together using a machine. The wefts can be fitted onto the scalp in different ways.

How to apply weft hair extensions?

1. Sewing: A client's hair is braided either into one spiral cornrow that will cover the entire head, or into several straight ones to form layers. Then, the wefts are sewn into the cornrows. Using this method of application can be done very quickly, and last up to 3 months. Nevertheless, do get your hair redone monthly because the growth of your natural hair will cause the cornrows to loosen.

2. Liquid glue: The glue is applied onto the sewn tip of the weft, and the fitted onto the client's hair. This method of application allows for fast results, and can last up to three weeks. The downside of this method is that the glue can cause an allergic reaction to some people, causing thrush on the scalp.

How can I clean my weft hair extensions?

Before using the weft, check for any looseness, and if there are, sew them up or apply some adhesive to keep them intact, preventing shedding. To clean weft hair extensions made out of 100% human hair, there are a number of things you can do. Before you wash your hair, detangle any hair from the roots to their tips. When you wash your hair, careful not to rub or twist the hair, using a mild shampoo and lukewarm water, followed by conditioner. Then, gently squeeze out the excess water from your hair and pat dry with a towel. Resist from rubbing or rolling the hair up into the towel. Let it dry and style hair as recommended by your hair stylist. Avoid blow-drying or applying heat over the adhesives for bonded hair. However, depending on which type of weave or braid procedure used, you should ask your hair stylist on the specific maintenance steps so it will last longer.


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